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 June 20th of 2019 , 07:00 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)


 Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Dear Traveler:  
Before traveling:  
1. Gather all the information possible about your destination and take the time to understand their customs, norms and traditions. Avoid behavior that might offend the local population.  
2. Remove all the excess baggage that you have because in some remote destinations and developing countries it can be difficult eliminating waste.
3. Ask your tour operator about the social and environmental protection projects that you could visit and support.  
4. Find out details of the current Legislation Act and do not commit any act deemed criminal in the country visited. Avoid trafficking drugs, arms, antiques, protected species or products or hazardous substances prohibited by the national regulation.  

During the trip:  
1. Open yourself to the cultures and traditions different from yours: your experience will be enriched when you gain the respect of the local people. 

2. Be tolerant and respect diversity; observe the traditions and social and cultural practices of the place.  
3. Use public transport, rent a bike or walk when convenient. It is one way you can contribute towards reducing pollution and carbon emissions in the environment.  
4. Respect human rights; any form of explotation including child sexual explotation, violates the fundamentals of tourism and itís a serious, punishable crime.  
5. Help preserve the natural environment; protecting the local Flora and Fauna and leave all natural objects as you find them.  
6. Your trip can contribute to economic and social development of the host country. Purchase local handcrafts and products to support the local economy and the principles of Fair Trade. 
After the trip:  
1. Write to your tour operator or hotel making comments about your trip, and if possible, provide feedback/ideas on new ways to benefit the host communities and protect the environment.  
2. If you had promised to send pictures, we urge you to do it. Most people forget their promises once they get home!  
3. Enjoy the memories of this great experience, and get ready for the next trip!  

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