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 April 25th of 2019 , 15:26 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)


These tips and guidelines were put together with the purpose of making living in a homestay in Argentina a more pleasant and enriching experience. Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings so it is important to take the following suggestions seriously and always remain open minded and conscientious. 

  1. Remember that items such as food and utilities are much more expensive in Argentina in relation to what an average person earns. This means that wasting and excess are not acceptable to most Argentine families. Please only take the amount of food you are sure you will finish, don’t waste water and turn off electrical items when you are done using them.
  2. In some cases, breakfast and dinner are included in yourhomestay but lunch and snacks outside of breakfast and dinner are not included. Please purchase your own food for meals other than breakfast and dinner.
  3. Please advise your family if you will not be coming home for dinner or if you will not be spending the night at home.
  4. Please ask for permission before using the phone. Local calls to land lines only.
  5. Keep your room clean and orderly. This is the case even if your family has a maid or cleaning service. You should keep your clothes off the floor, your bed made and please do not eat in your room.
  6. Always ask for permission before having any visitors over to the house. No overnight guests are allowed.
  7. Stoves in Argentina do not have automatic pilot lights. Please ask for assistance when lighting the stove and always remember to shut off the gas when done cooking.
  8. It is not required, but always a nice gesture to bring a small gift that is representative of your home area.
  9. If your host family has a computer, please ask for permission before using it.
  10. If you would like to extend your stay with your host family, please arrange this directly with Connecting Worlds, not with your host family.

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