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Below is a small sample of what people are saying about Connecting Worlds and our Staff. If you would like to talk to some of our participants, just call our office at +54 (0) 11 5199 5458 and we will be happy to put you in touch with some of them.
Ceri W. aus UK. Teaching English Program

UK born, Ceri Wills, has been participating in a Teaching English Abroad program in the popular seaside city, Mar Del Plata, Argentina, for the past few months. Connecting Worlds takes this opportunity to quiz Ceri a little about the program, her experience so far and what she hopes she will be able to enjoy in the months to come.

Ben T. aus UK. Teaching English

Find out what teaching English in Argentina has been like for English-born Ben Tollington. You might find that his experience encourages you to dive in and sign-up for a teaching abroad program in Argentina too.

Magdalena M. aus Poland

Find out what it is like to intern in a travel agency in Argentina from the first-hand experience of Magdalena Michalak from Poland.

Hannah K. from UK.Teaching English Program

Hannah tells us about her teaching english program in Huinca Renancó organized for her by Connecting Worlds. She's going to explain exactly what she's been doing in Huinca and what her growing impressions have been of the location, the program, the family she's been staying with and lots more. Don't miss out!

Simone aus Südafrika

Connecting worlds helped me plan my 4 month trip in and around Argentina and it was such a fantastic experience. Cristina, Martin and all the other people I came into contact with were really friendly and helpful, checking on me and giving advice or suggestions whenever I needed it.

Jake from USA. Internship in Buenos Aires

Find out what it is like to intern in a ecommerce company in Buenos Aires from the first-hand experience of Jake from USA.

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