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 June 20th of 2019 , 06:53 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)

Ceri W. From UK. Teaching English Program

UK born, Ceri Wills, has been participating in a Teaching English Abroad program in the popular seaside city, Mar Del Plata, Argentina, for the past few months. Connecting Worlds takes this opportunity to quiz Ceri a little about the program, her experience so far and what she hopes she will be able to enjoy in the months to come.
1. How did you go about finding your teaching English abroad program and what made you choose the teaching program offered by Connecting Worlds in Argentina?

I found the teaching English abroad program really easily. Once Id decided on Argentina I popped it into Google and, hey presto! I found the Connecting World teaching program offered through an English company called ESL Starter.

I did look around at other programs in other countries, to make sure that I was choosing the right one for me, and it was obvious to me that this one was the right choice due to what it offered compared to others.

The main things that drew me to the program were the fact that our teaching placements would be organised for us in local schools, that wed have an orientation week in Buenos Aires with intensive Spanish lessons and that once in Mar del Plata we would get to live with local Argentinian host families. Other programs appeared far less organised, offered far less and were often much more expensive.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the school / institution you are teaching in?

Im teaching in a language Institute, which is a really big private language school with three locations in the city. Kids come here after school any time between 3pm and 9pm for classes, and the institute also teaches university students who are training to be English teachers or translators.

3. What have you been doing so far during the first few weeks of your teaching program?

So far, my first two months have consisted of class tours, where I visit all of the classes in the three schools, and the ages of students I speak to varies from 11 to 25. The most important thing is to capture the attention of students and get them to engage and talk with you, and so I do a short presentation about my life in the UK, including a short video I made of my village, and then I open up the floor to questions about anything they want.

They ask about my life, my family, my hobbies, what time I eat dinner, what music I like, whether I drink tea at 5pm every day, if I like Argentina, do I know cumbia music, do I like asado, do I have a boyfriend The list goes on. You name it, theyve asked it!

Now, Im starting to take more regular conversation classes which I will return to every week, where I work with a much smaller group of students to focus on increasing fluency and confidence. Later on I will also be assisting teachers in areas where I might specific skills that could be useful to their class. For example, I studied politics, philosophy and economics at university, and Ive worked in marketing, and so I will be attending executive translation courses and English culture and history courses, to contribute what I can.

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