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 April 25th of 2019 , 15:26 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)



  • Try to accept and understand the habits and customs of your host. The more you share with them, the richer your experience will be.
  • Take care of your host home as you would take care of your own home.
  • Do not use host belongings without their permission.
  • The host will give the guest a set of keys to the flat/apartment.
  • If you come home late at night, try to be as quiet as possible.
  • For half board bookings, the host provides only breakfast and dinner, but no midday snack.
  • It is advisable for you to inform in advance about any kind of allergy, medical need or special diet.
  • Try to keep the host informed if you will stay out on a specific day, when you have plans to travel during weekends or go on an excursion.
  • The guest must take the responsibility for any damage done inside the house/apartment as well as the keys. If you loose the keys you will have to pay for a copy of them.
  • You can only use the telephone for receiving calls. Ask the host when would be a good time for receiving your phone calls.
  • The guest cannot use the washing machine by him/herself. If requested, the host will wash your clothes once a week (1 load/wk).
  • Please inform the host in advance about occasional visits from friends. They should respect the house rules. Visitors are not allowed to stay over night.
  • The guest must be aware of ecological issues, so please do not waste water, gas and electricity. Taking showers should not take longer than 15 minutes.
  • It is advisable to keep your room tidy in order to allow the host to regularly clean and change the bed linen.

We want to know how you feel. Please tell us about any kind of situation that arises (lack of communication, quality of food…)

And we also wish you a nice stay!

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