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 June 20th of 2019 , 06:47 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)




  1. Local Experience: We are an Argentine organization with the knowledge and experience to provide you with an unforgettable experience by exposing you to the best our country has to offer at the best possible prices.

  3. Support 24/7: Our office staff, local coordinators and partners all work in close cooperation to ensure your peace of mind, cultural orientation, in-depth training and 24 hour support throughout your stay.

  5. Solutions for Every Need and Budget:Connecting Worlds offers customized package solutions to meet your specialized needs and budget. Whether it be an Internhip program without accommodation; to an all inclusive package; to a Working Holidays at a Ranch in San Antonio de Areco or an Eco Resort in Patagonia, just to name a few.

  7. Social Commitment:We are a responsible organization aware of the reality of our country. We are committed to improving life by actively contributing and supporting models of community development that give our disadvantaged communities the tools to recognize their value, realize their potential, find dignity in their work and develop for themselves a genuine and sustainable life.

  9. Minimize the negative impacts:We are committed to preserving the environment and aim to minimize the environmental impact that the tourism of our participants could generate in the locations visited. We carefully select tours, activities, travel agencies and organizations that are environmentally responsible while also providing valuable cultural opportunities and experiences for our participants and host communities.

  11. Unique opportunities:We provide valuable opportunities to not only see the host country, but to become a part of it by experiencing our customs, learning the language and understanding our ways of life.

  13. No Upper Age Limit: At Connecting Worlds we have no upper age limit for of the multitude of programs we offer. If you have the spirit and the interest, we encourage you to take advantage all which Connecting Worlds has to offer.

  15. Quality of our programs: We work exclusively with officially accredited Spanish schools that have professional teachers with many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Similarly, we work with renowned travel agencies, NGOs and private enterprises.

  17. Learn Spanish at the best price: You will never pay more as Spanish Course Fees when booking through Connecting Worlds than if you were to book directly with the private Spanish language school - We even offer special discounts when booking Spanish language courses at most private Spanish language schools in Argentina of up to 10%.

  19. Connecting Worlds Community: You will no longer be just a simple tourist. Instead, you become part of a travel community where you really get to know your fellow travelers; meet local people; share day-today activities and discover new cultures; and find travel mates for future adventures through Connecting Worlds all at the best discount prices available


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