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 June 20th of 2019 , 06:54 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)



Here at Connecting Worlds we are grateful to the parents who entrust their children to us to arrange for them both a positive and safe intercultural experience in Argentina. We respect this trust and assure we hold the safety of each child as our highest priority.

In each destination where our programs are offered, we work with the best and most recognized Spanish language schools, travel agencies, companies, NGOs and other providers of first level services that meet strict standards for safety.  We also maintain close communication with these same hosts and affiliated organizations to assure that high standards of quality and service are met in order to provide a fully unique immersion experience.

To assist in the safe arrival of your child we provide transfers from Ezeiza Airport  to their pre-assigned accommodation for each of our programs. A cell phone will also be available for you to communicate with your child throughout his or her stay in Argentina.

Our emergency telephone number is available for your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our coordinators and/or a local representative will personally attend to each child in all destinations for each of our cross-cultural immersion programs.

We encourage you to consider coming to Argentina during your child’s stay. In addition to visiting with your child, you, too, will then be able to discover our fascinating country and live an unforgettable experience as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions or concerns you have. We will gladly assist you.  Explore our website and our intercultural programs with your child and assist with the choosing of the suitable exchange programs.


Connecting Worlds Team

Buenos Aires office:
Marcelo T. Alvear 1459  
Zip code: C1060AAA
Phone: +54 (0) 11 5199 5458
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Head office Mar del Plata:

20 de Septiembre 1925 Entre Piso Oficina B
City of Mar del Plata. Zip Code: B7600GHO
Phone: +54 (0) 11 5199 5458

Mar del Plata/Argentina


Here you will find valuable information on everything you need to know before your child departures for this unforgettable experience.



Connecting Worlds requires that each participant have a valid medical/ travel insurance covering their time in Argentina. This insurance needs to cover accident, sickness and 3er part liability, at the very least and must be acquired prior to your child’s arrival.  Proof of this coverage must be provided at the time pay for the program you select.


Students who regularly take prescription drugs should see their doctor before the trip.  We encourage you to include in your child’s luggage enough medication for the duration of the program.  However, to ensure that there is no problem getting prescribed medications in Argentina, in the event medications have been lost, etc.. we also require that you provide us with either a copy of the prescription or a note from the prescribing doctor. It is also recommended that you provide us with the generic names, if any, for each medication.


Currently no vaccinations are required to enter Argentina. However, in order to have reliable and updated information on vaccines and other recommendations for travel to Argentina and other South American destinations, we recommend you visit the following site:

Valid passport:

To enter Argentina a valid passport is required.

Currently, travelers with passports from the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be granted a tourist visa with a maximum 90 day stay. However, it is also advisable to check this information with your local travel advisory, the Argentinean Embassy or Consulate prior to your departure. You must fill out a disembarkation card, which must be retained and presented again when you leave the country.

Location of Argentinean Embassies:

To find the Argentine Embassy or Consulate nearest you, use this link:

Use of Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ATMs in Argentina:

Most debit and credit cards work in ATM’s worldwide. However, we recommend contacting your banks and/or credit card companies prior to departure for information on their services in Argentina. If you are planning on using a bank card to access funds while in Argentina, it is advisable to check with your bank for daily withdrawal limits, conversion fees and any other charges.


We understand parents may have concerns for their children undertaking an exchange program with Connecting Worlds. We have outlined below some issues we think are important to consider and discuss with your child before booking an exchange program with us so that they can get the most out of their journey. In addition, we remind you that our team is always available, before, during and after your trip, for any questions you may have:

Challenges of living in a foreign country:

There are many challenges of living in a foreign country - adapting to a new language, new culture, local people, customs, experiences and so much more. Talking to your child about these challenges will help them prepare adequately for this exciting adventure and also lessen the possibility of homesickness.

Communication with home during the stay in Argentina :

Some families talk to their children once a week at a specific time, while others tend to have more frequent or infrequent communication. It is important to establish with your child the nature and frequency of communication you would like with them before they travel to Argentina.

The media favorites are the video conferencing systems, in particular, Skype, followed by telephone and email.  It is also vital that you provide both your child and Connecting Worlds with all your contact details, such as office phones, a temporary phone for a close relative or friend, etc., in order to ensure that your son or daughter can communicate when they or we need to.


Tourists and visitors anywhere in the world are potential targets for petty theft and other misdemeanors.  Make sure your child has a ‘’portavalores’’ (belt around his waist) to hold their passport and money throughout the duration of their trip to Argentina. This belt will also come in handy in all our travel situations during their stay.

Once your child reaches their final destination to begin the program, we recommend a safe place to keep any extra cash or credit cards at their new home. We also require you to provide Connecting Worlds with photocopies of the passport and health insurance information in case the originals are lost or stolen. Parents should also discuss with their child using practical common sense about traveling alone at night and staying out of reputed dangerous areas of any city.


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