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 June 20th of 2019 , 06:49 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)

Buenos Aires Province

Buenos Aires Province is the most populous and largest province of Argentina. Tourists, mainly from Buenos Aires, visit the Atlantic coast. There are many cities and town along the coast line that starts some 250 kilometers from Buenos Aires after the Samborombón Bay.

“Tigre” is only 32 kilometers away from Buenos Aires.
In addition to all the activities available in “Tigre”, its main attraction is the “Puerto de Frutos” (Fruit Port), offering daily catamaran boat trips to the Tigre Delta.
Right at the center of the “Puerto de Frutos” is the open air market, with its shops displaying colorful, rustic, hand-woven articles. Furniture, ornaments and accessories made out of bamboo cane and wicker, delicious homemade jams and honeys, lovely plants and flowers and, naturally, a complete variety of local fruits and vegetables all live together in absolute harmony.

This is a city with history and tradition but, above all, it has a definite European air. It is known as the “City of the Diagonals” (referring to its atypical road grid), and is a model metropolis thanks to its layout and design, its public buildings, and its countless green spaces which are ideal for outdoor recreation.
Amongst its tourist attractions, La Plata is renowned for its Cathedral which has 37 stained-glass windows of French and German origin; The Natural Science Museum (the fifth most important museum of its kind in the world), and the “Ciudad de los Niños” (Children’s City) considered the most important complex specially designed for children in South America.
La Plata also offers plenty of night-life activities, with its many theaters, as well as bars and night-clubs for the younger generation.

This lively, modern and picturesque town, well-known for its “gaucho” customs, is only 110 kilometers away from the Federal Capital.
Over time, it has preserved the colonial and Renaissance architectural styles of the early 19th Century.
Tourists become acquainted with the life of the “gauchos” when they visit the “Ricardo Guiraldes” Museum, the “Usina Vieja” (Old Power Station) Cultural Center, the “Puente Viejo” (Old Bridge) and the “Carlos Merti” Flora and Fauna Park, amongst other attractions.
One of the most popular options is to visit the local “estancias” (ranches) and “chacras” (small farms) where one can experience rural and agricultural tourism, taste the typical regional dishes, do some horse riding and take part in the famous “Carreras de Sortijas” (Ring Races).
Every November, San Antonio de Areco celebrates its “Semana de la Tradición” (Tradition Week). Cavalcades, whose displays of horsemanship skills and folklore music and dancing are organized for visitors to enjoy.

This town is situated in the humid “Pampas” region and is surrounded by hills, valleys, streams and woods. The town and its surroundings constitute an ideal location for adventure tourism, made evident in the practice of paragliding, delta-wing gliding, horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, quad-biking, mountain climbing and kayaking.
Whilst in “Tandil” you must visit “Parque Independencia”, “Centinela” hill, the dam , “Sierra del Tigre” (Tiger Hill) and participate in the famous “Paseo de El Calvario” (Calvary  Pilgrimage Walk).

Mar del Plata, known as the “Ciudad Feliz” (Happy City), combines the enchantment and beauty of its natural resources with its infrastructure and available services. It is the most important beach resort in Argentina.
Cliffs, ravines, sand dunes and wide beaches are ideal to enjoy the sunshine or for cycling, quad-biking excursions and horse riding. You can also fully enjoy the sea by taking part in nautical sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing, sea-diving, sailing and swimming, or take short launch trips along the coast.
The most popular outings and places to visit are “Plaza Colón”, “Torreón del Monje”, “Los Troncos” residential area, the port, “Punta Mogotes”, “Barrancas de los Lobos” and “Chapadmalal” beach, in addition to the “Feria de Artesanos” (Handicrafts Fair) and the Mar del Plata Museum.
It is an ideal combination for those who are looking for peace and quiet but, at the same time, wish to enjoy the bustle of night life. Mar del Plata is fully equipped with the best theaters, pubs, discos, restaurants and its famous “Casino”.

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