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 February 19th of 2019 , 19:10 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)


1) What are the requirements for a Working Holiday?

• Over 18 years there is no upper age limit.
• Have a 3er party liability, accident and illness insurance. In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation.
• Send CV and cover to date, explaining the reasons to run for Working Holiday.
• Have an intermediate level of Spanish to advanced.
• Have a minimum of two months
• Have a valid passport and meet the necessary immigration requirements before applying to the program.   

2) What is the procedure to apply for a Working Holiday?

Our Working Holiday programs are in high demand and some of them fill up very quickly. It is therefore necessary that you apply with at least eight weeks in advance:
Step 1:
1. Search through our Working Holiday section by area of interest, place and duration.
Step 2:
1. Select at least three Working Holiday programs you like and apply to them by filing up the application form. Include your Resume and a Letter of Introduction where you tell us why you are applying for the program. Separately, mail us the registration fee.
2. Once you accept a program, your Working Holiday Program fee, a copy of your passport and your international insurance against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability must then be submitted to us.  
3. Select at least three Working Holiday programs you like (in case your first choice is unavailable), and notify us of your choices through the application form. Include your Resume and a Letter of Introduction telling us why you are applying for the program. Separately, mail us the payment of the registration fee.
4. Select at least 3 Working Holiday programs you like, in case one is unavailable, and apply for them by notifying us through our application form. Include your Resume and a Letter of Introduction where you tell us why you are applying for the program. Separately, mail us the payment of the registration fee.
Step 3:
1. Once you accept a program, you must submit your Working Holiday Program fee, a copy of your passport and proof of international insurance against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability.  
2. Once the dates of your Working Holiday Program have been established, Connecting Worlds will be in contact with you, arrange your arrival to Argentina, and continue to assist you before, during and after the Working Holiday Program, to make your experience unforgettable!

3) Where are the Working Holidays programs located?

All of our working holiday offers are located in the tourism sector. Possible operational areas include hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies or horse-farms in Buenos Aires, the Atlantic coast, Cuyo region or southern Patagonia.

4) What can I expect?

Through your Working Holiday job you very often will get to know the most famous and amazing sights of Argentina's impressing and ever-evolving scenery.
However, you should be aware that especially during high season your help is desperately needed and that it can sometimes become very stressful. That's why your working holiday employer really counts on your help after your confirmation. Some positions give you the possibility to bring along your friend, as they need more than one person to help out.
Some establishments are located further away from cities, in order to provide their guests with the relaxation they are looking for. In these cases you have to reckon that you will not be able to drive into the city or go clubbing every night. So, please thoroughly read the offers!

5) How long does a Working Holiday program last?

Generally these programs last between eight weeks and six months.

6) What about the working hours? 

Usually, our programs are full-time positions. The project site where you will be working defines the working hours according to work load and your capabilities. On-site you will be provided with the exact information about the work schedule and days off. Please be fair and keep in mind that you will be responsible for the tasks that you are assigned to. But not all is about work! The locations are truly nice places with amazing landscapes, beautiful natural scenery and a relaxing environment. There will be plenty of time for you to get to know the surroundings, meet up with other people having fun and just enjoying your stay in Argentina.

7) Working Holidays are paid?

Unfortunately, due to strict regulations of the Argentine Government regarding the work of foreigners in local companies, the Working Holidays are unpaid. The other reason is that the main objective of the Working Holidays is the learning experience and the cultural exchange. However, this experience compensates in ways money cannot buy:

  • International experience for your resume
  • Greatly improved Spanish fluency
  • Profound understanding of a foreign culture, which translates to personal growth and professional gain.
  • Sense of accomplishment for having challenged yourself to take on something very few ever attempt...and succeeded!

8) When do I have to pay the organization fee?

The organization fee is due as soon as you definitely accept your Working Holiday program. With sending your application papers a handling fee of USD 75 will be due.

9) What is the difference between an internship and a Working Holiday program?

A professional internship in Argentina is focused on the practical application of theoretical knowledge, the gaining of international work experience and the emphasis on a specific area. Many universities often require internships abroad for a successful graduation. Working Holiday programs, on the contrary, do not have a professional aim. They are a good opportunity to work abroad during your holidays and to get free board and lodging in return for your motivation and manpower.

10) Is it required to procure insurance against sickness, accident and 3er party liability?

Yes. To make a Working Holiday program in Argentina you are required to have this kind of insurance. We have on offer, for our participants, the best coverage with the prestigious Insurance Caremed to provide the best Solutions to Connecting Worlds’ travelers. You can find more information about this plan under the “Plan your trip’’ section. Connecting Worlds is not responsible for any costs incurred by the participant in relation to illness, accident or any other reason that result in early return.

11) What if I am not happy during the Working Holiday program?

Thankfully, this is a very rare occasion, due to the extensive pre-trip process. However, there can be some bumps in the road at first, and that’s OK. For this reason a tutor of Connecting Worlds will be in constant contact with you and the company to verify that everything is running correctly. Our priority is that our participants (i.e., you) are satisfied and happy with our programs. In addition, the participant is responsible for notifying Connecting Worlds in writing of any kind of problem that could occur during their program within a period of 72 hours after the problem, so we can give you honest advice on how to best approach the situation from a cultural and linguistic standpoint.

12) Can I do a Working Holiday program if my level of Spanish is not good?

In this case, we first would organize a Spanish course for your level that allows you to refine the language to be able to make the most of your Working Holiday program or you can take our Spanish course online to be programmed according to your needs, and you can take it anywhere with Internet access.

13) What about transportation to the project site?

It is expected that each participant will be independent and experienced enough to get to the project site on his own. Never fear, however, it is relatively simple to reach the project sites and we will give you detailed information about how to get there. Additionally, the in-site staff is always available for further advice once you have arrived in the target region. Some Working Holiday Programs do provide transportation from the airport to the site. In order to use this service, you should inform us in advance about your travel itinerary in order to make the necessary arrangements.

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