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 April 25th of 2019 , 15:23 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)


1)  What requirements must I meet to apply for a Professional Internship in Argentina?

To undertake a Professional Internship you will be required to have the following:

  • You must be either an undergraduate university student, graduate or professional.
  • You must be able to speak intermediate to advanced Spanish.
  • A curriculum vitae and a cover letter of introduction.
  • International insurance valid in Argentina against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability.In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Valid passport and meeting the necessary immigration requirements before applying to the program.

2) What is the process to apply to be a Trainee?

Step I. Sending form and CV / cover letter 

1) Complete our online form and enclose your Resume and a Letter of Introduction in Spanish (if possible) as attachments. If you are unsure of how to prepare either, here are samples of a Resume and Letter of Introduction.  

2) After we have evaluated your documents, we will then contact you to discuss the information you provided us, your expectations and objectives, our recommendations and answer all your questions.  

3) At this stage we will inform you on the likelihood of success in finding an internship according to your profile and requirements. It is usually 95%, but it also depends upon location and your particular skills. For example, the availability of an Internship in the Pharmaceutical Sales is not always the same in Bariloche as it is in Buenos Aires.  

Step II. Confirmation of the Internship search 

1) You confirm your interest by sending the Registration Fee and a copy of your passport.  

2) Upon receipt of your Registration Fee and the copy of your passport, we edit your Resume putting it a format based upon Argentinean standards and, when necessary, translate it into Spanish.  

Step III. Internships Opportunities 

1) In the event we do not have offers available in our database matching your skills, it generally takes us between four and eight weeks to discover opportunities suitable for you.  

2) We evaluate the offers that fit your profile and after discussing them with you, you select one of them and we submit your application with the company you have selected.

Step IV. Acceptance as a Trainee

1) The Company will report to us on its decision regarding your acceptance as a trainee. If this application is not successful, we will then schedule another application with the next company. If the next application is successful, we proceed to the next stage.  

Step V. Formalizing the Internship and final steps  

1) Once you receive an offer of a position by a company, we answer any questions you may have and before you accept the offer.  

2) Upon your acceptance of the offer, your payment for Connecting Worlds’ services is due. A member of our team will advise you at that time.

3) Following your payment, we send the necessary documents to formalize your acceptance of the offer, as a university agreement, etc. to be signed by the company and will thereafter provide you with the signed document.  

4) Remember that an Internship in Argentina requires that you have health insurance against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability. Once you provide us a copy of this insurance, you can begin your internship in Argentina. Our Connecting Worlds team will be with you before, during and after your visit to Argentina, so you get the most out of this great experience!

3) What does Connecting Worlds guarantee?

The organization fee is only charged when we are able to offer you an internship placement. If we are unable to find a placement, we will reimburse the registration fee. This only happens very rarely however, as we have a success rate of 95%!

4)  Internships are paid?

Unfortunately, due to strict regulations of the Argentine Government regarding the work of foreigners in local companies, the Internships are unpaid. The other reason is that the main objective of the Internship is the international education and the learning experience. However, this experience compensates in ways money cannot buy:

  • Professional internship abroad for your resume
  • Access to job openings which require international experience         
  • Greatly improved Spanish fluency
  • Profound understanding of a foreign culture, which translates to personal growth and professional gain.
  • Sense of accomplishment for having challenged yourself to take on something very few ever attempt...and succeeded!

5) What if I am not happy during the Internship?

Thankfully, this seldom happens as we have an extensive pre-trip process. However, there can be some bumps in the road at first, and that’s OK. For this reason, a tutor from Connecting Worlds will be in constant contact with you and the company to ensure a smooth run. Our priority is that our participants (i.e., you) are satisfied and happy with our programs. In addition, the participant is responsible for notifying Connecting Worlds in writing if in case of any problem that could occur during their program within 72 hours, so that we can give you advice on how to best approach the situation from a cultural and linguistic standpoint.

6) Do I need a passport, visa or work permit?

It is your duty to have a valid passport and in some cases it is necessary to obtain a visa according to your country of origin. Professional Internships we offer are considered within cultural exchange programs, so you do not need a work permit. Note that you shouldn’t receive a scheduled payment not related to a job while you are doing the Internship.

7) Can I get academic credit with the Internship?

Yes. We will organize the required hours according to what is requested by your university to support them as points.

8) When can I start with the Internship?

One of our advantages is that our Professional Internships are flexible and you can choose when to start.

9) What happens if my application is not successful?

Connecting Worlds can not guarantee acceptance of the applicant as it depends on their individual skills, experience and the decision of the host organization. If, for any reason your application was not successful, Connecting Worlds will continue to seek a new opportunity that is in the interest of the applicant. 

10) Can I do an internship if my level of Spanish is not good?

In this case, we first would organize a Spanish course for your level that allows you to refine the language to be able to make the most of your internship or you can take our Spanish course online to be programmed according to your needs, and you can take it anywhere with Internet access.

11) How long does it take Connecting Worlds to organize an Internship?

If we do not have an internship available in our database according to your profile, we usually take between 4 and 8 weeks to find a customized internship. This service has no extra cost. We want to offer you the best opportunities available for an unforgettable experience.

12) What is the difference between an internship and a Working Holiday program?

A professional internship in Argentina is focused on the practical application of theoretical knowledge, the gaining of international work experience and the emphasis on a specific area. Many universities often require internships abroad for a successful graduation. Working Holiday programs, on the contrary, do not have a professional aim. They are a good opportunity to work abroad during your holidays and to get free board and lodging in return for your motivation and manpower.

13) Is it required to procure insurance against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability?

Yes. To make an Internship in Argentina you are required to have this kind of insurance. We have on offer, for our participants, the best coverage with the prestigious Insurance Caremed to provide the best Solutions to Connecting Worlds’ travelers. You can find more information about this plan under the “Plan your trip’’ section. Connecting Worlds is not responsible for any costs incurred by the participant in relation to illness, accident or any other reason that result in early return.

14) What is the minimum and maximum duration of an Internship?  And the work day?

The minimum is 2 months and maximum of 6.  On average a work day can consist of generally three - five hours.  In some cases it may be more or less time.  We will inform you in advance of the time you must work.  It is also possible to advise us of your preferred work hours in your application.

15) Does Connecting Worlds monitor the Internship and have contact with me during and after it?

Yes. One of our goals is to provide a high quality service between that who elect us and that is why it is extremely important for us to know about your performance in your internship, accompany you and advise you on everything you need for this unforgettable experience. Similarly we will contact you and the company weekly to check that everything runs smoothly.

 16) Will I receive a certificate of my Internship from the company?

Yes.  After the Internship you will receive from the company a certificate stating your completion as well as an evaluation.

17) Does the organization where I will do my Internship provide shelter, food and transport, etc.?

This depends on the company and their individual arrangements. For example Hospitality companies may provide accommodation and / or food, as in the Working Holiday program.

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