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1) How can Connecting Worlds offer a lower price than anybody else, even lower than the school itself?
Our online registration process saves administration tasks. The presentation of the schools online (as opposed to printed catalogs) not only provides more information than you may find in a brochure, it also reduces costs significantly. These cost savings are lowered down to our participants. So you can benefit from a superior service at the lowest prices available.

2)  How do I use the website to enroll for a course?
1) Select the course duration, type of course and an Argentinean city where you want to learn Spanish.
2) Study the school profile and choose your favorite course and accommodation options. You see the original school prices. Connecting Worlds does not charge any agency supplements as many other intermediates do. No additional costs! No hidden fees!
3) Call or email our experienced advisors should you have further questions.
4) Submit the online application form. You do not have to pay the full fee yet. To guarantee your placement, schools require a deposit of  10-30% of the fee, depending on the policies of each school. The deposit will only be charged when the Spanish school confirms the specified course.
5) Within 2 to 3 business days, the school will issue a booking confirmation for the course and accommodation, which you will receive from our consultant as a PDF.
6) Use Secure Payment and pay directly to the school. The school will provide payment details in the invoice.
7) It's that easy! If you have any questions about the process do not hesitate to
contact our experienced advisors.

3) Who can use the Connecting Worlds registration service?
Everyone can use our free registration service. We offer Spanish courses to individuals and companies from all over the world.

4) How is Connecting Worlds related to the Spanish schools?
Connecting Worlds is an independent cultural exchange organization that works with a wide range of partner schools in many cities of Argentina, carefully selected to fulfill our participants' needs and expectations. Only the best Spanish schools in Argentina are chosen, to ensure the highest quality of the programs.

5) Apart from saving money, what other advantages do I get when I book through Connecting Worlds?
We offer you a flexible service with the possibility to combine different Spanish language courses in different Argentinean cities and book accommodation for as long as you like, even if you are not studying Spanish. This gives you the freedom to combine Spanish language studies with holidays and try out other programs such as Internships, Volunteer opportunities, Working Holidays, Spanish Courses, TEFL certificates and special programs. Last, but not the least, when you study in Argentina with Connecting Worlds you will be a part of a community, not just another student studying abroad.

6) Would I get the discount if I booked directly with the school?
No. It is important to note that it is Connecting Worlds, and not the school, that will grant you up to 10% of the official Spanish language course prices. Only by submitting the online registration form on our website are you eligible for up to 10% discount on the school's original tuition fees.
If you enroll directly with the school you will not receive the discount, and you will also not be able to enjoy the other Connecting Worlds customer benefits. In the final booking confirmation, the discount together with the pre-payment are deducted from the outstanding fees.

7) How and when do I pay for my course?
In order to guarantee your booking, a prepayment of approximately 20-30% is charged upon enrollment by Connecting Worlds. The remaining fees need to be paid to the school directly, according to the schools' policies. Most schools require payment of the remaining fees at least 4 weeks prior to the course. The school's payment details should appear on your invoice.

8) Are there any additional costs for booking on your website?
You will never pay more in Spanish Course Fees when booking through Connecting Worlds than if you were to book directly with the private Spanish language school - We even offer special discounts when booking Spanish language courses at most private Spanish language schools of up to 10% of the total price.
Before you book your Spanish language course we can recommend comparing prices both with other intermediaries as well as the prices offered directly by the schools. At Connecting Worlds we are sure that no one offers lower prices for the Spanish language courses and the same high-standard service that we do and we therefore will be happy to meet and beat any quoted price you can provide us with!

9) How are Spanish schools selected?
Spanish Schools need to fulfill certain criteria that ensures that they meet the students' expectations, such as being accredited by well-know associations or have a solid, experienced educational background that guarantees an excellent language travel experience. Only a small percentage of schools interested in being represented on our website, pass our thorough screening process.

10) How far in advance do I need to register for my Spanish course?
Unlike other agencies, we will also process bookings just shortly before the starting date of the course without any extra fees for last-minute bookings. Generally, we advice participants to book as early as possible, since the best accommodation options are normally allocated on a first-come-first serve basis. To ensure that you receive all documents on time you should book a minimum of seven working days before the intended starting date of your course. However, we will accept your booking request even if it arrives on the last minute.

11) Do I need to have some Spanish language skills to attend a program?
No. All our Study Spanish in Argentina programs and Spanish language courses offer courses for complete beginners unless it is mentioned that you need a given level.

12) What can I expect the School and classes to be like?
Our study Spanish in Argentina programs and Spanish language courses include different types of private small/medium Spanish Schools. The environment in each Spanish language course school is different (if you need help or recommendation to choose the right Spanish School contact us).
Although the Spanish course schools are different, the Study Spanish in Argentina classes contain many of the same elements. From day 1 of your Spanish study in Argentina, everything is in Spanish and you benefit from having to discuss different themes in Spanish, watching Spanish movies or playing educative games in Spanish.
The private Spanish language schools typically have a class size of 4-10 students. Most Study Spanish in Argentina programs offer 4-6 classes per day with each class lasting 45-55Min.

13) Do I receive a certificate when finishing my course?
Yes, you always receive a certificate from the Spanish language school. Furthermore most Spanish language schools offer you the possibility to take an international recognized Spanish language exam (i.e. DELE).

14) When does the class on my first day of school start? How I can get to school?
Before your arrival at the Spanish school we will send you details where you will receive the school address, a description of how to arrive and emergency telephones. It is even possible that your host family or your roommates can show you the way to school on your first day.

15) The Spanish school organizes cultural activities or weekend trips?
Yes, on arrival at the school you will receive all detailed information on leisure activities. Moreover, from Connecting Worlds, we also propose various cultural immersion activities to help you make maximize your stay in Argentina. You can read about them daily on our website.

16) Is there an emergency number 24 hours 7 days a week?
Yes, all Spanish schools have an emergency number 24 hours, 7 days a week that we will provide after the booking process is complete.

17) Can I make changes once I complete the registration form?

Yes. It is possible to make changes once you have completed the registration form. It usually takes about two working days to receive the confirmation and the invoice so you can easily modify your booking in the meantime.

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