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 June 20th of 2019 , 06:53 hs. Argentine Time (GMT -3:00)

From Connecting Worlds, we create a community for students and travelers from all over the world, wishing to explore South America to learn Spanish, do volunteer work, intern or just experience the culture with local people while discovering those wonderful places. We invite you to become a member of this vibrant community and meet people with similar interests; share day-to-day activities and discover a new culture abroad; and find travel mates for future adventures through Connecting Worlds where at the best discount prices available!


Travel writers, site editors and independent publishers from different countries, languages and cultures, volunteer to enrich our content with their valuable inputs on culture, tourism and other interesting notes:


Tracey Chandler. Travel Writer
London, UK

Tracey Chandler is a freelance writer originally from London, UK. She lived in Mérida, Venezuela, from 2007 to 2008, in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2008 to 2013 and she has been living in Santiago de Chile since February 2014. She writes for a variety of publications which focus on film, expat culture, Latin America, the translation industry, London and female entrepreneurs who enjoy solo, long-term travel. She's traveled to over 30 different countries, every single continent, she speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and she's not yet quenched her thirst for adventure and discovery. She's the Buenos Aires Fashion Week Correspondent for Vivrant Magazine, New York, and she's got reams of information about Buenos Aires to share. Her personal blog,  The Jolly English Pirate  is a great resource for foreign women in Latin America and she's always happy to receive emails asking for help and advice about travel and/or expat life. Follow her weekly posts on Connecting Worlds without fail. You’d be a fool to miss out!

Charlie Higgins. Travel Writer
United States

Charlie Higgins is a freelance writer, translator, editor and social media consultant based in Buenos Aires. He has a Bachelor's degree in English from Oberlin College

Bridget Ryder. Travel writer

Bridget Ryder is a freelancer from St. Louis, MO, USA, currently ex-patting in Buenos Aires. She earned a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Missouri St. Louis which she puts to use pumping porteños for information about their fabulous city.

R. Troyan Krause. Site Editor

R. Troyan Krause is a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA and Villanova Law School, Philadelphia, PA, USA, and is the author of the romantic suspense novel, "The Works of the Flesh"..He divides his time between writing at his home in the USA, sailing in the Caribbean, and traveling. As a result of working with Cristina at Connecting Worlds, he's now added Argentina to his list of "must visit" destinations.

Susmita Thondapu. Travel writer /Site editor

I am an IT Consultant from India, I am working towards becoming a travel writer some day. I belong to a country which is deep-rooted in culture and heritage where I get many an opportunity to tread the same path as my ancestors did thousands of years ago. I often choose to take the road that leads me to those ancient ruins to satiate my love for architecture and history. I highly recommend traveling alone as it gives you a chance to completely soak in the local culture.

Rob Moriarty. Travel writer

I'm a 23 year old nursing assistant living in Bristol, England. I work hard at the job I do but when I'm not working I like to travel! I have always been interested in other countries but it wasn't until last year that I finally got the chance to travel outside of my own country and since then I have been going back and forth to Europe to explore the many countries in our continent. I'm also a regular volunteer and once a week I volunteer at my local hospital and I am also a member of a UK first aid charity called St John's ambulance.

Michelle Duer. Travel writer

As a freelance writer and editor from the US, I have been fortunate to travel throughout my life. Growing up with my mother's Eastern ancestry and my father's Western heritage, I developed an inquisitive nature and a corresponding sense of humor. I didn't hesitate to meet new people, exchange cultures, or navigate foreign streets with little to no knowledge of local languages. There are constant surprises when sign language is inadequate, a famous local dish feels more like an acquired taste, or you are unsure which way is north. I have learned that laughing at oneself and sharing laughter are things that overshadow differences in culture.

Sophia Kwong. Travel writer/ Translator

Sophia Kwong studied English and Spanish at the University of Texas in Austin. After graduating, she gained international experience by getting her CELTA teaching certificate in Costa Rica. She also worked as a student advisor at an international school, where she met people from all over the world. She is the recipient of a 2009-2010 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, in which she works at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán in Argentina. You can read more about her experiences as a foreigner in Argentina on her travel blog

Jackie Adams. Travel writer

Jackie Adams is a journalism student currently residing in Southern California. She is passionate about writing, and plans to become a professional journalist and eventually publish her own novels. She has been editing her school's newspapers for 3 years, and received numerous awards for her published articles.

Menno Wierenga. Independent Publisher

Menno lives in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and is currently enrolled in the research master Social Cultural Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Menno is interested in a broad range of social subjects, including ethnic diversity, social trust, voting behavior, moral attitudes, religiosity, travels and the interplay between micro- and macro-outcomes. He loves to travel and think that travelling isn't always about the place that you go but also the people that you meet and share your experiences with


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